Hungary under Soviet occupation

At the Paris Treaty of 1947, the Trianon borders of 1920 are reimposed upon Hungary. In 1948, a Communist regime is imposed in Hungary. Once again, the hard core of the Hungarian Communist Party is formed by non-Hungarians imported from the Soviet Union. In 1956 the Hungarian National Uprising against the Soviet Communist regime takes place but is crushed by yet another Soviet military intervention. The Hungarian Communist regime continues its anti-Hungarian policies aiming to destroy Hungarian national consciousness and traditional cultural values. In the 1980's the Hungarian Communist regime was financed by huge loans from Western financial institutions.

Hungarian Freedom Fighter and knocked-out Russian tanks, Budapest, 1956The Soviet soldier's boot - all that was left of the symbol of foreign occupying powerFree Hungarian Radio, Budapest, 1956Hungarian anti-communist demonstration, Budapest, 1956Hungarian National Uprising, Budapest, 1956
Hungarian National Uprising, Budapest, 1956Hungarian Freedom Fighters (the Corvin Alley Group), Budapest, 1956Demonstrators remove the red star from the WWII memorial in Gellért SquareHungarian National Uprising, Budapest, 1956Hungarian civilian victims of the communist repression
Hungarian National Uprising, Budapest, 1956Hungarian National Uprising, Budapest, 1956Soviet helmets, Budapest, 1956HUNGARIAN FREEDOM FIGHTER: TIME Magazine's Man of the Year (January 7th, 1957)
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